Vinyl and Composite Seawalls

Since most sea walls around the South Shore area of Tampa Bay were built with concrete in the 1960s, they have, for the most part, worn out their useful life and are now failing.  If you have a sea wall on your property that has formed cracks, shifted positions, or is losing dirt behind it, a vinyl seawall could be the best solution. 

We can either replace the concrete seawall completely or put a vinyl wall in front of it. 

Several characteristics make the vinyl sea wall a great alternative compared to any other material:

  • Vinyl seawalls are not affected by marine borers in the water or termites from the soil.
  • It is a better long term investment since it will last longer and need much less maintenance.  It consequentially has a much better warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The material is resistant to the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Wood and concrete tend to look great when installed but rapidly fade or become worn and marked by water.  Vinyl keeps its original aestheticaly pleasing qualities much longer.

Composite sea walls have generally the same advantages as Vinyl with regard to long life and durability.  They are also easier to install and have a natural flexibility to more easily conform to the surrounding land. 

We have build vinyl and composite seawalls in all salt and fresh water areas around South Shore like:

  • Tampa Bay
  • Apollo Beach
  • Ruskin
  • Gibsonton
  • Lake Thonotasassa
  • Riverview
  • Ellenton
  • Lake Mango
  • Manatee River
  • Alafia River

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