Riprap Installation

Riprap offers a soft edge in the transition from water to land.  Many permitting officials in the area around Apollo Beach recommend, if not require, that rip rap is placed instead of further proliferation of hard seawalls.  We can use clean broker rock or concrete for a rip rap installation.  It has many advantages over a traditional seawall.

We can put riprap immediately in front of an existing wood or concrete seawall or use it instead of a seawall.  These pictures are some examples of project we have done in the Gibsonton, Ruskin, and other areas of South Shore:

  • The use of riprap will greatly disperse the energy from waves continuously crashing against the shore or seawall.  This preserves the shoreline from erosion.  It also diminishes the abuse that seawalls take from waves.
  • Riprap supports existing seawalls.  Incoming and outgoing tides offer varying pressure to counteract the force of land from each side of the seawall.  Riprap gives seawalls a constant force to complement the other side of the seawall.
  • Riprap preserves more of the ecosystem in a shoreline compared to seawalls.
  • It is a very cost effective way to reinforce a seawall area.
  • Many people find it aesthetically pleasing