Seawalls and Bulkheads

Call Hecker Construction if you need to repair or replace your residential, commercial, or industrial seawall.  We have thirty years experience with bulkheads and seawalls all along Tampa Bay in Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, and Ruskin. 

Much of our work consists of restoring the effectiveness of concrete dredge and fill seawalls built in the 1960s throughout most of the Tampa Bay area since their useful life is over.  Most have already failed or are in the midst of doing so.   When seawalls fail, they start losing dirt behind the wall, develop cracks, or begin moving. 

There are several things we can do to help ailing seawalls:

  • Install new tie-back to an existing dead man cement foundation.
  • Install a Manta-Ray anchor to support the existing seawall.
  • Install a whaler, a beam along the bottom of the seawall, to reinforce the structure.
  • Install Riprap to support the sea wall, mitigate the forces of waves, and maintain the exosystem.
  • Build a vinyl seawall in front of the failing concrete wall.
  • Replace the concrete seawall with a vinyl seawall.

We also repair and install wood retaining walls.

Call us now to set up a free consultation with Hecker Marine Construction.   We will assess your property and give you an estimate on options to improve your waterfront.