Concrete Seawalls

Most seawalls in the South Shore area are dredge and fill concrete sea walls that were built in the 1960s.  At this point, they are over 60 years old and will fail and need repair or replacement.   We see and solve these problems quite often:

  • Cracks along the seawall
  • Sea wall movement in any direction
  • Losing soil behind the wall

If you see any of these situations along your seawall, it is important that you repair it immediately.  The problem will only get worse and cause future problems to a pool, house, or whatever structure is behind it. 

What Can We Do?

Whaler System A concrete beam can be installed across the bottom of the concrete seawall to add stability.
Tiebacks It is common for the seawall to be held up by a tieback to prevent the wall from bowing.  If your tie-back is deteriorated, we can install a new one back to the dead man to reestablish a solid connection.
Manta Ray I there is no existing support in back of the seawall for a replacement tie-back, a Manta Ray can serve a similar function. The system is essentially driving an anchor deep in the ground to provde the support and tie back to the sea wall.
Rip Rap Adds support to the walls and helps dissipate the pressure of continuous waves and fluctuations in tides.
Vinly Seawall  If your seawall has deteriorated to the point of no repair, we can replace it with a vinyl structure or put a vinyl seawall in front of it.

Call us for a free consultation on the condition of your sea wall in Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, Ruskin or anywhere else along the South Shore of Tampa Bay.  We will assess its condition and offer a few recommendations to restore its functionality.    We can be reached at 813-236-9306.