Wooden Seawalls

Wood seawalls in the Tampa Bay South Shore area are normally behind a Mangrove fringe or Mangroves.  They are most likely an upland retaining wall.  We love the natural look of wood because it fits in so well with nauture, but useful life is limited.  They last approximately 10-15 years before deteriorating due to weathering, termites in the soil, and marine borers.

If you have any problems with your wood sea walls where the wall is falling toward the water, rotting in parts, or losing dirt behind it, call us out for a consultation.  We can take a look at the situation and give recommendations based upon our thirty years of experience. 

If the wall is in good enough condition we will consider these approaches for repair:

  • A new tie-back can be installed to regain the supporting force of an existing dead man (cement foundation in the ground behind the seawall)
  • Whalers, beams placed on the outside of the wall to give support, can be used to reinforce the structure.

If the wood seawall has deteriorated past the point of usefulness, we can build a replacement out of wood or a vinyl material.  Call us at 813-236-9306 to set up a free consultation.

We serve the entire area around Apollo Beach including Gibsonton, Ruskin, Sun City, Riverview, Wimauma, and Ellenton.